1847 Rogers Bros Silverware

1847 Rogers Bros Silverware

What is 1847 Rogers Bros Silverware?

They are a set of silverware that has attracted much attention from antique fans and experts for a long time. Indeed, this set has some interesting points in the history that fascinates the curiosity of many people. According to some antique experts, the number 1847 in the name of the set is not really the manufacturing year as you may be thinking of. That is one very common mistake many people have made about 1847 Rogers Bros Silverware. The number 1847 is actually the founding years of Rogers Bros, not the manufacturing year.

Another fascinating piece of information of the set is about the letters “IS” along with “Eternally Yours” marked on every piece of the set. “IS” stands for “International Silver” – the owner of Rogers Bros since 1898.

The price and value of 1847 Rogers Bros Silverware

1847 Rogers Bros Silverware

1847 Rogers Bros Silverware

The price of this set varies according to the number of pieces in the set, the condition and the materials. Sterling silverware are far more valuable and of higher prices than silver plate, copper, stainless steel or other non-precious materials. Some places can evaluate your silverware as they are specialized in the field. They will give you the exact appraisal for your pieces. If your pieces are of silver-plate set, they would cost about $5 – $30 each. However, if it is of sterling silver, the price can go up to $55 – $150 each piece, depending on the condition and patterns.

For example, the Gravy Ladle silver-plate would be appraised at $20 each, while the sterling one would be $125. A silver-plate salad fork is around $7, while the sterling salad fork would cost $62.

You need to consult antique experts to find out the true value of your pieces if you are going to buy or sell them. The price depends on the materials (sterling, silver-plate, steel, copper, etc.), the patterns of the pieces (Rogers Bros made lots of different patterns that can have different prices) and the condition of the pieces (broken, damaged or not).

There are various places that you can visit for the appraisal of your pieces or for the purchase of 1847 Rogers Bros Silverware. You can also visit some websites that purchase 1847 Roger Bros Silverware. They have the price list available for your consideration.

Here is the list of some silverware websites for your consideration:



This website is just a place to introduce 1847 Rogers Bros Silverware. This is the place for people to get some knowledge and information about one of the most precious silverware in the industry, not the place to appraise or purchase silverware.

Please take this note, I DON’T appraise your pieces or purchase any of 1847 Roger Bros Silverware. Please do NOT contact me for those purposes. You can use the websites listed above to appraise your pieces or purchases silverware. Thank you.

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